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Sealantern Marine Electronics in Greece

Sealantern Marine Electronics Co, Ltd is a global enterprise that produces Hi - tech marine electronic products of expert technology and quality. The company's culture is based on the satisfaction of customer's demands and excellent producttion quality.

Sealantern follows the IMO's new regulation and the company's manufactoring process strictly follows the quality control system and approval of BVQI ISO 9001: 2000.

Sealantern aims to the international market to enlarge it's product range and promote the marine electronics product development, in their never ending pursuit of excellence.


Sealantern SLT - 08C/08D water ingress alarm system


Sealantern Product Categories

Sealantern takes advantage of its reliable production quality and excellent performance - price ratio. The company's products are widely approved and appreciated by domestic and international customers.

Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd. can assist your technical department by presenting SeaLantern product portfolio, provide 24/7 after sales support, monitor the installation and offer you every kind of spare parts.


Sealantern Marine Growth Preventing System

Sealantern Marine Electronics Exclusive Sales Agent in Greece and Cyprus

As of begining of 2017 Oceantech Shipping & Trading company is the authorised agent in Greece and Cyprus of Sealantern Marine Electronics products. Our company has been appointed as a direct distributor/service station for Sealantern products in the following categories:

  • MGPS. Marine Growth Preventing System
  • ICCP. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
  • WIAS. Water Ingress Alarm System
    (1) ECR. Integrated Monitoring & Alarm System(2) Level Gauging & Valve Remote Controlling System
    (3) Tanker Monitoring (Level Gauging, temperature, Pressure etc) & Controlling System
    (4) Flood Detection System on Passenger Ships
    (5) Overflow Monitoring & Alarm System
    (6) Anti - Heeling Controlling System
  • BNWAS. Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
  • VDR/SVDR. Voyage Data Recorder
  • TOCS. Tele - monitoring Oil Condsumption System on Shore
  • WDMAS. Wind & Depth Monitoring Alarm Device
  • SENSOR. Marine temperature & Pressure Instruments

Sealantern's new cooperation with Oceantech company in Greece, provides distribution, service and support to Greek Shipping companies with regards to the full scope Sealantern product portfolio.

Please Click Here to view our Authorization Certificate


Sealantern impressed current cathodic protection system