Ferryl Wire Rope Lubricator for Rope Maintenance

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Ferryl wire rope lubricator

Ferryl Wire Rope Lubricator is an efficient component for lubricating and protecting wires. It takes care of pre-treatment, wire core protection and outer lubrication in one step. It drastically reduces lubrication time and is a cleaner, faster, more efficient way to maintain wire ropes.

As all Ferryl products, the lubricator is made in Germany and is designed for use with Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease (EAL - VGP certified). However you can also use it with any wire rope grease.

How it works:

Grease is pumped into the lubricating chamber. The resulting high pressure that forces the grease into the wire core, forcing out any water or moisture as the wire is passing through. As a result when the wire comes out it has a uniform coating, internally and externally.

The lubricator can be fitted with groove cleaners in order to remove old lubricant. This situation occurs when the lubricant is of poor quality, hardened or contaminated with dirt and debris. Removing old grease in such a way improves penetration of the new grease into the wire core. As a result we can simultaneously clean and grease the wire.

Other benefits of the wire rope greaser are:

  • Excellent protection of the wire core
  • Reduced application time of greasing for up to 90% comparing to manual application
  • Reduced waste & environmental impact
  • Decreasing greasing needs by up to 70%

Ferryl Wire Lubricator Package includes:

The lubricator includes the lubricating chamber, a set of seals and scraper plates for a specified wire diameter (up to 50 mm), as well as a spare set of seals. Extra seals and seals for other wire diameters are of course available.

Suitable for wire diameters 0 - 50 mm. You can also use Ferryl Wire Rope Lubricator XL for wire diameters 50 to 90 mm

The lubricator is supplied with: Carry case, 1 set of seals for specific wire diameters, spare set of seals, and adjustable straps for attaching the lubricating chamber.

Other options are of course available for other wire diameters upon request.

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