Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating for Protection Against Rust

Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive White Coating is a plastic-like coating material that provides excellent rust protection while leaving a clean and attractive appearance.

Main Applications: Electrical Cables, Mast Wires, Rubber/Hydraulic Hoses, Tension Wires, Suspension Wires and more

Ferryl 400R anticorrosive white coating

Ferryl 400R Product Information & Benefits

Ferryl 400R   Anticorrosive is a one-component white coating which can be applied like regular paint. Due to its special plastic components, the product maintains it's flexibility and does not easily crack from vibrations and severe movement.

It is designed to adhere to rubber and does not easily peel off. Because it dries, Ferryl 400R provides a clean, white, mess-free attractive finish on the rubber that cannot be washed off in bad weather.

Ferryl 400R creates a barrier between rubber and UV rays from the sun. This reduces the evaporation of the plasticizers that keep the rubber soft. This in return the lifetime of the rubber.

With the built-in chemically active rust inhibitors, the coating provides excellent chemical rust protection. Moreover, the UV-stabilisers prolong the lifetime of the coating.

Ferryl 400R has excellent adhesion properties and can be applied to most surfaces.

Ferryl 400R Anticorrosive Coverage Instructions

Benefits: One Component (ready to use), Plasticity, UV-Stabilisers, Chemical Resistance, Dries completely in 24 hours.

  • Coverage is approx. 5 m2 per 1 kg. We recommend two coats.
  • Ferryl 400R White Coating Quantity to cover 2 layers the rubber hoses (70 pcs of rubber hoses 1.2m 25mm Diameter) & (8 rigging wires at Mast 12mm Diameter) is 3 x 12kg Ferryl 400R.
  • We recommend application in temperatures between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius, although application outside this range is possible. It is important that it is dry, i.e. free from water.
  • The product should not be applied if it is raining or if there is significant spray from the sea. If surfaces are wet they should be dried. Oil, grease, and dirt should be removed prior to application of the product ensuring good adhesion of the coating.
  • The coating tends to be durable and long-lasting but can vary in different conditions. It generally lasts longer on mast wires, due to plasticizers in the rubber hoses.
  • We recommend an inspection every 6 months. If there are any damages to the coating or cracks, the coating can be touched up, to fill in the cracks basically.
  • Ferryl 400R should be stored in cool, dry conditions (at temperatures between 0 - 35 oC) out of direct sunlight.
  • The user must ensure the lid is properly closed. If the product is stored in good condition it will be fine for more than one year.

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