Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease for Ultimate Wire Lubrication

Ferryl 202 White Anticorrosive Grease is a quality wire-rope grease with white color. It provides excellent rust protection and lubrication wherever a white colored grease is necessary for the application. It protects wires and ropes by penetrating the core of the wire, hence prolonging wire life and efficiency of operation.

Ferryl 202 White applications are equivalent with it's sister product 202 Standard Grease so these products can be used interchangeably:

Main Applications: Mooring Wires, Winches, Crane & Ramp Wires, Lifeboat Falls, Shackles, Hatchcover Wheels, Valves, Bearing, Derricks, Hoists, Screws, Bolts and more.

Ferryl White Anticorrosive Grease in 25Kg container

Ferryl 202 White Information & Properties

Ferryl 202 White grease is a quality rope grease that protects wires, cables, screws, bolts, lashes and winches through penetration to the core of the wire. It's high melting point makes it suitable for use in extreme climates and temperatures. The temperatures may range from extreme heat to well below freezing point.

Ferryl 202 White contains chemically active rust inhibitors for ultimate rust protection and lubrication. The rubberized binders it possesses ensure excellent adhesion to the wire. Moreover it creates a semi-drying film on the wire surface that acts as a protective layer preventing penetration of moisture.

Overall Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive grease, just like its sister products(202 Standard & Aluminium Grease) offers excellent tribological qualities, that ensure the prolonging of wire lubrication and efficient operation of the surrounding mechanisms.

Grease Coverage Instructions

Ferryl 202 White grease is suitable wherever a white color grass is needed for cosmetic reasons in wires, ropes, winches hatch over wheels etc.

Your crew can apply the grease with a brush, wearing gloves or by using a special wire-lubricator. The Ferryl Wire Rope Lubricator is an excellent tool for all kinds of wire lubrication operations.  Ferry Standard grease is available in 25kg metal containers or 900g tin cans depending on your vessels needs.

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