Fire Protection from Oil Mist in Marine Engines

An Oil Mist is a small oil droplet in the air. Oil mist can be potentially very dangerous because of its low ignition temperature which can cause fire and even explosion in the engine room.
Occasional mechanical failures in the crankcase of marine diesel engines are inevitable. For example, a minor problem with a bearing shell, may cause a 'hotspot' inside the crankcase and thus generate large volumes of oil mist. Also, other types of oil leakage can occur in pressurized oil lines and oil can evaporate rapidly if it hits a hot surface.

If these anomalies are not detected on time, major damage may be caused to the crankshaft, resulting in a crankcase explosion.

Such mishappenings may result in time-charter delays, revenue loss, salvage claims, and serious injuries and fatalities in extreme cases.

Oil Mist Detectors to the Rescue

Fortunately, a device called Oil Mist Detector helps us to prevent such occurrences by detecting and monitoring oil mist levels inside the engine. Such devices measure the oil mist concentration by inserting an oil mist detector into the engine crankcase. The sensor converts the oil mist concentration into an electronic that can be sent to the appropriate computer monitoring device. If the mist concentration exceeds a certain value, an alarm will be issued and cautionary measures will be taken.


Oil Mist Detector Operation

Oil mist detection on ship engines requires a means of obtaining measurements of mist samples. Traditionally, this has been achieved by a system of pipes fitted to the side of the engine. More recently other systems with fewer or no pipes have gained popularity.
The newer and more technologically advanced systems use sensors and oil mist detectors that can be installed inside the crankcase of a diesel engine for better detection performance.

As a result, serious engine failure can be detected early and prevent diesel engine damage and more serious accidents in the ship's engine room, pump rooms and other compartments that possess oil systems under pressure.

Oil Mist Detector Equipment & Brands

Many well-known companies offer systems for oil mist detection such as Daihatsu OMD, Kidde - Graviner, Schaller, Visatron and others.



Oil Mist Detector device
Oil mist detector uni by Daihatsu OMD

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