IMO – Scrubber Testing Results up to January 2023

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Introduction to Scrubber Marine Systems

Marine scrubbers are machinery installed on ships to remove sulfur oxides (SO2) from the exhaust system of marine engines. The aforementioned devices are also known as exhaust gas cleaning systems.
Sulfur dioxide emissions contribute to air pollution and are harmful to human health, so reducing these emissions is an important environmental goal. Thus, the purpose of a marine scrubber system is to reduce the amount of SO2 emissions that are released into the atmosphere when a vessel is operating.

Fitting a scrubber system on cargo vessel

Cons & Pros of the Scrubber Systems

The Marine Industry has been under increasing pressure in recent years to reduce its impact on the environment. One way to do this is by the use of scrubbers to clean the exhaust systems.
Scrubbers are designed to reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide emissions that ships release into the air, which can contribute to air pollution and harm human health.
Recently, there have been some new developments in testing scrubbers on ships, and the latest results are promising. Several shipping companies have reported that they are seeing significant reductions in sulfur emissions after installing scrubbers on their vessels.
These results are particularly important given the increasing focus on environmental regulations in the shipping industry. Many countries have already implemented or plan to implement stricter emissions standards. Scrubbers represent one way that companies can meet these requirements while continuing to operate their vessels.
However, there are concerns regarding the cost of installation and maintenance of scrubber systems that a shipping company must endure. Moreover, there is a potential danger from the discharge water of from these systems and the environmental implications.
However, for many shipping companies, the benefits of scrubbers in reducing emissions and meeting environmental regulations outweigh these concerns.

Latest IMO Results for Scrubber Analysis

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