Ferryl Anticorrosive Products New Stock Point in Port Istanbul

We are happy to announce to our customers, that Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd, based on your needs, have established another new stock point for Ferryl Products in Port Istanbul, Turkey.

Thus, we can distribute Ferryl products to ships sailing the Bosphorus pass and other port destinations in the Black sea.

Company History Summary

Ferryl was founded in 1955 in Sweden, and is a specialized manufacturer of deck maintenance products (Wire Rope Lubricators, Greases, Oils, Rustremovers, and Coatings). All Ferryl products are specially designed for niche areas of the shipping industry.

Ferryl Anticorrosive Products are manufactured at Ferryl Deutschland GmbH and provide improved function, safety, and appearance, through rust protection, lubrication, and maintenance of wire ropes. All products are designed to provide the most cost-effective and environmentally-conscious solution.

Map of Istanbul and nearby regions

Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd., is the official representative of Ferryl products in Greece. We are looking forward to serving your inquiries. Should you need any further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: oceantech@ost.gr

Tel: +30 213 0337678