Solas Prohibition of Asbestos

Is your ship compliant and safe?

Asbestos is a material classified by The World Health Organisation (WHO) as a Group 1 carcinogenic agent. As such, the existence of asbestos onboard a ship constitutes a serious hazard to ship crews, shipboard equipment installers, repairers, and other visitors. This Risk Bulletin is aimed at raising awareness of the SOLAS amendments that now prohibit asbestos onboard all ships built after 1 July 2002 and control its use on ships built before this date.

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Ferryl Wire Rope Lubricator for Rope Maintenance

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Ferryl wire rope lubricator

Ferryl Wire Rope Lubricator is an efficient component for lubricating and protecting wires. It takes care of pre-treatment, wire core protection and outer lubrication in one step. It drastically reduces lubrication time and is a cleaner, faster, more efficient way to maintain wire ropes.

As all Ferryl products, the lubricator is made in Germany and is designed for use with Ferryl 202 Standard Anticorrosive Grease (EAL - VGP certified). However you can also use it with any wire rope grease.

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