Asbestos Testing

Oceantech Shipping and Training Ltd in collaboration with Eurofins possesses all the necessary know-how and technology to to provide tailor-made solutions for different types of asbestos issues. Our IHM Asbestos Maintenance Plan (AMP) is applied after the completion of IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) Report Part I.

The AMP (Asbestos Management Plan) tool describes the measures needed to create an asbestos-safe situation. In order to make the asbestos containing applications clearly visible to the crew and third parties, all asbestos-suspect and asbestos containing applications / locations must be clearly marked. In all cases asbestos should be managed properly. The ultimate goal is to establish an asbestos free vessel. Oceantech experts can assist towards this goal.


Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring, fibrous like silicates. It is gained by mining all over the world. Asbestos fibers have great strength and bear high temperatures and acid extracts. Asbestos is non-conductive for temperature, sound and electricity. Fibers are not soluble in liquid.

These characteristics make asbestos ideal to use in various products in the maritime and offshore industry. Asbestos is often used in installations, equipment and all kinds of construction materials.

Legal Framework

According to SOLAS ch. II-1, Regulation 3.5.2 – For all ships, new installation of materials which contain asbestos shall be prohibited.

  • For ships built after Jan – 01 – 2011, all materials which contain asbestos are prohibited and has to be removed in short term by certified company.
  • For ships built between July – 01 – 2002 and Jan – 01 – 2011, the asbestos containing materials should be removed in a period of 3 years.
  • For ships built before July – 01 – 2002, may contain asbestos if there is no specific health risks.

Our Management Plan

Asbestos does not always have to be removed. It is often possible to create an asbestos-safe situation. Eurofins Maritime Services has certified and experienced Asbestos experts, who can provide our customers with tailor made solutions for every asbestos issue. For example we can also assist your company to make arrangements to remove the asbestos from the vessel.

Asbestos Advice

Asbestos Inventories

There is a legal requirement to have an asbestos inventory completed by an accredited research agency before work can be started in a building or other structure. This only applies to structures built before 1994. The inventory must record and map the presence of asbestos containing materials.

At Eurofins you can call on Sanitas Environmental Consultancy. The inventory starts with a visual inspection and acquirement of suspicious materials. These results are compiled and processed into an asbestos inventory report. An inventory report is performed by one of our Asbestos Inventory Specialists (AIS). This colleague is fully qualified to carry out this specialized research.

Validation Measurements

Asbestos-containing construction materials are used in factories, schools, flats, low-cost housing, hospitals and also in ships, cars, trains and roads. During an asbestos inventory, the materials are classified in a risk class. This is done via the ‘Stoffenmanager Asbest’ (SMA-rt). SMA-rt is a digital program which is using an exposure database, classifies the risk of certain types of work involving asbestos-containing material.

The designated class then determines whether and how the remediation must be carried out. Classifying the materilas present considerably reduces the project lead time and costs.