Maintaining and Updating Part I of the IHM During Operations

The Hong Kong Convention requires that the shipowner maintain the IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials), throughout the operational life of the ship.

After the IHM survey has been completed it is necessary to keep track of all changes on board that contain (potentially) hazardous materials (PCHM). This requirement is only applicable for fix parts on board of the ship (not for consumables).

If any machinery or equipment or component is added, removed, or replaced, or if the hull coating is renewed, the Material Declaration (MD) or Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) forms provided by the suppliers, shall be properly filled out and Part I of the IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) shall be updated if the hazardous material situation of the vessel changes.

Even if a supplied product does not contain any of the hazardous materials listed in Annex II of the EU SRR, an MD form still needs to be collected from the suppliers. The aforementioned form must clearly state the absence of the hazardous materials (ref. MEPC.269(68), Appendix 3, Chapter 3.2).


Why the IHM Maintenance Tool?

To ensure proper maintenance, SANITAS - EUROFINS IHM, can support your company by launching the procedure and oversee the system for proper implementation, through endlessly monitoring of the entire maintenance process. The IHM procedure should be incorporated into the safety management system.

When your Purchase Department orders our PCHM services, we will request all necessary documents (SDOC and/or MD) by your supplier, if it is not already in our possession or attached with the delivery. We will thoroughly evaluate the documents to see if they meet the requirements. If this is the case, we store the documents in a cloud repository system. Otherwise, we will again request the correct documents from your supplier. Of course, you can always have full access to our cloud system.

Inventory of Hazardous materials