NautilusLog - IHM Maintenance Software

NautilusLog is a browser-based software application that provides ship owners with an easy to use tool that optimizes tasks during maintenance of data related to IHM Maintenance.

According to the EU SRR and the Hong Kong Convention (HKC), the IHM Part 1 must always be maintained up-to-date during the operational lifetime of the vessel. NautilusLog can take care of this process on behalf of shipowners in the most efficient way possible.

The EU SRR requires proper maintenance and update of the IHM throughout the operational life of ships for which the regulation applies. This means that if any new or different machinery or equipment is added to, removed or replaced, the IHM must be updated by collection of supplier's declaration.

After the preparation of the IHM and its certification by class, our team can take care of the maintenance of the IHM with a digital software solution, thus removing the potential of human errors, reducing the work effort, ensuring continuous conformity and facilitating the renewal survey after 5 years.


Detailed IHM Maintenance Flow Chart

NautilusLog Innovative Software

NautilusLog was one of the first to innovate the market and introduce digital software-based solutions for IHM reports. This leading innovation continues with IHM Maintenance.

Simple, Efficient & High Quality IHM Maintenance.

International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) joined hands with NautilusLog and developed this efficient software application, which combines expert knowledge with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

The result is a smart, thought-through, transparent and cost effective service.

A Full IHM Maintenance Solution

Completing an inventory of Hazardous Materials is just the start. Our solution can also help you by:

  • Ensuring the continuous conformity of your inventory.
  • If you provide us your relevant Purchase Order items, we can take care of the associative procedures, allowing you to remain focused on your real job. We are compliant, ensuring you a gap-free documentation throughout the process.
  • Updating automatically the IHM report throughout the lifecycle of the vessel, if any machinery is added to, removed or replaced.
  • Providing your employees and clients with individual access to the dashboard. In this way we can ensure you a transparent overview of fleets and assets and also situational recommendations and guidance.

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