Coltraco Ultrasonics

Coltraco Ultrasonics is a British family company, with 3 generations of family members working for the business. In addition, an extremely talented group of individuals are working alongside the family. Every staff member in the company shares the company values and commitment to science and commercial integrity. Coltraco company was founded in 1987 by Mr. C Hunter, a Royal Naval (RN) submariner with 27 years of experience, and his son Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, the current CEO.

The company's mission is to improve safety for people, assets, and infrastructure on land and at sea worldwide, across diverse sectors.

Coltraco Services

Coltraco has 30 years of experience designing accurate, handheld, reliable, portable instruments for inspection. All products focus on the liquid level indication, seal integrity, thickness gauging, flow rate monitoring, and acoustic emission bearing indication. Coltracos two main areas are the monitoring of gaseous systems and watertight/compartment monitoring. The company aims to develop mutually supporting systems and software by generating world-leading research and in addition faster, cheaper delivery worldwide.

Customer Care Commitment and Benefits:
• Ultrasonic technology manufactured in the UK that will save you time, cost, and risk
• Safety products for testing level, seal, thickness, flow and acoustics
• Three-year warranty offered on the main units, 1-year warranty on the sensor and lifetime support
• Coltraco operates in 120 countries worldwide and have a global network to support you all your needs
• We can help you to deliver the Safesite or Safeship, in order to improve safety for your crew, assets and infrastructure, as well as saving time and cost.

Coltraco Ultrasonics Authorized Exclusive Sales Agent in Greece & Cyprus

Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd is the authorized agent in Greece and Cyprus of Coltraco Ultrasonics products, technology, and spares. Our company can offer you, through our cooperation with Coltraco, monitoring services regarding gaseous systems and water tightness monitoring.

Please send us your inquiries via mail, enabling us to prepare your Coltraco services quotation the soonest. Also, feel free to contact us for more information about pricing and other procedures.

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