Information About Air Emission Services

Oceantech Shipping and Trading Ltd in collaboration with Eurofins provide Air Emission services to determine and evaluate emissions on ships.

Legal Framework for Air Monitoring

Starting 2017 (EU 2017/676) the European Union adopted the Stage V standards which limit the particle matter (PM) and the particle number (PN) for non-road engines and classifications of sea-bound vessels.

Compliance with these and other standards can be monitored by testing certificates from Eurofins Air Monitoring.

We Offer Accredited & Certified Services

Eurofins Air Monitoring works in accordance with ISO 17025 rules and has a broad scope of accredited and certified activities to comply with international regulations. Eurofins also has experience in partnering with international consultants, in order to provide the required information, consultancy and certificates for our clients specific needs.

Black carbon air emission from ships funnel

Air Emission Measurements

Eurofins Air Monitoring operates from Eurofins office in Nazareth (Belgium) and provides world-wide services following the latest standards on state of the art equipment.

Air emissions measurements are performed during different test cycles with variable load and vessel speed. During those tests we define general physical parameters such as humidity, temperature, pressure and speed. The same procedure applies also for a broad scope of specific parameters like CO, NOx, SOx, HC, PM, PN. Eurofins uses an extended selection of methods all of which are under approved quality systems and have the necessary approvals.

For more information about Air Testing and Air Emissions you can also visit Eurofins Air Testing - Emissions.

Why Choose Eurofins - Oceantech for Air Emissions Monitoring

Upon contacting us we will:

  • Propose an emissions measurement strategy according to your needs.
  • Provide specialists and the necessary equipment for performing the measurements on board ship.
  • Provide a detailed report of our findings together with applicable legislation.
  • Advise you on the next steps that must be taken, regarding the improvement of your projects.

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