Information About D-2 Commissioning Test of the BWTS

On September 8 of 2017, the International Convention for the control and management of ship's ballast water and sediments, 2004 entered into force (IMO BWM/CONF/36). From this date on, all vessels have to install a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) to comply with the discharge standard of regulation D-2. Vessels shall have an International Ballast Water Management Certificate (IBWMC) accordingly. A D-2 Commissioning test must be performed to ensure the proper functioning of the BWTS System.

For this certificate, the BWTS installed should have type approval, so it is crucial that a ballast water management plan should be in place. The section E of the convention also states that  the BWTS has to be commissioned after installation.

What is a Commissioning Test

A commissioning test validates proper functioning of the BWTS on board. Towards this end samples are taken from the challenge water and discharge system. All challenge water has to be accepted in order to evaluate the BWTS against D-2 regulations. All tests have to be conducted within the System Design Limitations (SDLs). Although not required for all flag states yet, a number insist on commissioning prior to use. This will be followed by all flag states soon. The main purpose of the commissioning test is to validate the proper installation of your BWMS by demonstrating that its mechanical, physical, chemical, and biological processes are working properly.

The BWTS must be used to all ballast operations on the ship. It is also important that the crew of the ship must also be familiar with these operations. After the tests have completed a report will be created and submitted to the Administration / Classification Society.

Implementation by Flag States

MEPC75 adopted an updated test for regulation E-1 of the convention. This requires all newly installed BWTS to conduct a D-2 Commissioning test from 01/06/2022 onwards.

Locations we Serve

Oceantech shipping and Trading Ltd and Eurofins Maritime Services are proud to introduce and offer to our clients innovative BWTS services in the areas below:

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Why Choose Eurofins - Oceantech for D-2 Commissioning Tests

Oceantech in conjunction with Eurofins can offer complete services regarding all ballast water testing. Our experts can take care of all ballast water testing along with biological commissioning, from our facilities in Athens and Piraeus.

We are accepted by the major classification societies and continue to apply for acceptance by most of the others.

We can offer an all-inclusive package for tests conducted in the Netherlands and Belgium (ARA-Range). For other locations worldwide, additional costs for visa, travel board and lodging will apply.

After mutual consultation and due notice, we can travel with our team worldwide to provide our services. Schedule your commissioning in time and allow us to use our expertise to relieve you of your concerns regarding the D-2 Commissioning test.

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