About Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) & Fluids Analysis

Oil conditioning monitoring and analysis for marine engines is a crucial aspect of engine performance optimization and lifetime maintenance. Just like the blood analysis for humans, oil analysis provides valuable information concerning lubricant degradation, as well as machine wear condition.

It involves the regular monitoring, testing, and analysis of the oil used in ship engines in order to assess its condition and ensure optimal engine operation. Detecting and addressing problems early on prevent ship immobilization and reduce operating costs. In addition, we can minimize equipment failure and prolong the lifespan of the engine. Oil Condition monitoring makes it possible to detect problems early before they develop into major ones, with catastrophic consequences for the ship and company. It is by far the simplest preventive maintenance strategy that can be implemented at a reasonable price.



Oil Analysis and condition monitoring

Fluids that Need Monitoring

In the table below you can see a wide variety of fluids that need condition monitoring and the related engine equipment:

Engine Oil Appearance, pH, release, concentrations, bacterial presence, ICP, hardness, TSS, chlorides Combustion engines (gas, diesel, petrol…)
Hydraulic Oil Particle counting, water content, viscosity, Spectro ICP, RPVOT Hydraulic or control circuits, turbines, ...
Lubricating Oil Viscosity, water content, ferrometry, Spectro ICP, solid pollution Reducers, compressors, gearbox, bearings ...
Grease Spectro ICP, solid pollution, ferrometry, dropping point, NLGI grade measurement Bearing bearings, robots, pumps, crowns, pitch bearings …
Dielectric Fluid Dissolved gases, furan derivatives, breakdown voltage, neutralization index, water content Transformers, oleostatic cables, plug changers ...
Machining Soluble Appearance, pH, release, concentrations, bacterial presence, ICP, hardness, TSS, chlorides Machine tools, Metalworking, Power stations
Whole Machine Oil Water content, viscosity, water, AN, ICP, MES Metalworking machines: machining, grinding, deformation ...
Coolant Moisture content, microorganisms, total contamination, cetane / octane number Cooling circuits (electric/thermal vehicles, industrial refrigeration)
Fuel Moisture content, microorganisms, total contamination, cetane / octane number Thermal engines, storage tanks, domestic fuel oil ...
Brake Fluid Water content, viscosity, infrared, density, solid pollution Rolling stock

Why Choose Eurofins - Oceantech for Oil Analysis

Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd, together with our partner Eurofins Maritime Services, we are pleased to offer our services regarding Oil Conditioning Monitoring and Fluid Analysis. Our Eurofins IESPM Oil Analysis & Diagnostic laboratory has been the privileged partner of maintenance services for more than 50 years.

Our expert team can help you with the sampling process, with advice and training regarding the procedures. We can help you either through our comprehensive tutorials or on-site assistance and we provide you with all the necessary containers and bottles. Moreover, we would be delighted if we could arrange with your company a presentation via teleconference for all matters regarding Oil monitoring and analysis.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about pricing and all the other procedures.

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