Information About VGP Testing

The US EPA requires vessels sailing to the USA to obtain a Vessel General Permit (VGP). As result the US Coast Guard will check the aforementioned allowance of VGP testing for vessels sailing to the US.

Samples have to be taken from the following effluents:

  1. Ballast Water
  2. Bilgewater / Oily Water Separator
  3. Graywater

Also scrubber wash water can be a part of the effluents.

The regulation specifies that monitoring data must be submitted to the EPA once per year and before February 28th of a year after data have been collected.

For more information visit: Vessel General Permit Documents

Frequency of Testing

The US EPA requires vessels to test the Ballast Water discharge twice per year. However the monitoring can be reduced to once per year if the sampling results are within the limits for two VGP testing consecutive events.

Your installed Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) should have Type Approval and further must be commissioned after installation.

For more information about the frequency of testing please consult the table below:

Ballast Water All Vessels using a ballast water treatment system * - Total Heterotrophic Bacteria: SM-9215
- E, coli: EPA-1603 / Colilert ®
- Enterococci: EPA 1600 or Enterolert ®
In addition, BWTS making use of active substances should also be tested on specific residual Biocides and Biocide derivates (ref Table 2-8 of the "How to" reference guide).
2 for first year 1 per year thereafter under conditions

2 per year
Bilgewater Vessels constructed on or after December 19, 2013 and > 400 GT OCM reading and:
- EPA method 1664, or
- ISO 9377-2 (2000)
1 per year Waiver may be granted after 2 years
Graywater Vessels constructed on or after December 19, 2013 and with a maximum crew capacity ≥ 15 - BOD: SM-5210B
- Fecal coli.: SM-9222D / 9221E
- E, coli: EPA-1603
- TSS: SM-2540D
- pH: SM-4500-H B
- TRCI: SM-4500- CI G
2 per year at least 14 days apart

* BWTS having USCG Type approval are deemed to provide "high quality data" (VGP 2013, par.

Time Constraints

Biological samples containing living material have to be analysed within 8 hours after sampling (40 CFR 136.3)

Locations we Serve

Oceantech Shipping and Trading Ltd in conjunction with Eurofins Maritime Services are proud to introduce and offer to our client's innovative products for VGP (Vessel General Permit) and BWTS testing in below areas:

  • ARA region
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Baltic Region
  • UK
  • USA
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

Due to time constraints between sampling and analysis of effluents, our range is limited. In order for us to serve you as best as we can your entire fleet, our partner in the Vessel Testing Alliance (VTA) operates in the same manner as we are, in Germany and the Baltic. For the UK and USA, we also have partners to assist you. Our network is still expanding, so we can service our clients better.

Why Choose Eurofins - Oceantech for VGP Testing

Oceantech Shipping and Trading Ltd along with Eurofins Maritime Services are proud to introduce to our clients a complete list of innovative products for VGP Testing. The staff of Eurofins and Oceantech has been engaged in tests of BWMS since 2007. Tests and analyses are conducted in accordance with the IMO, United States Coast Guard, and EPA requirements.

We can offer an all-inclusive package of tests (Ballast Water, Biological Commissioning etc) from our facilities in Athens and Piraeus.

Above all, we envision a collaboration where we can support your esteemed company together with our partner Eurofins and provide high-quality laboratory and advisory services.  Moreover it's a great fulfillment for us to contribute to global health and safety in shipping all over the world.

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