Our new partnership with Evergreen, a Greek owned company commited in special function laminated films, is able to satisfy all individual customer requirements. For instance, providing solutions to Enhanced Bridge Protection, an area which is usually in the eye of any pirate attack.

Security Glass Films

By definition the term Piracy implies a criminal violence, an act of robbery in a vessel. The safety of the ship’s crew is of primal importance. The ship owners must certify that all measures are taken to prevent illegal boarding and external access to the ship’s accommodation area.

Our Company can offer:

UV Protection Films – OPALFILMS®

Available in various choices of shades, with % of absorption rate of UV radiation. They provide permanent thermal protection & shading to installed glasses with simultaneous one-way optical permeability.


  • Rejects up to 84% of solar energy passing through.
  • They release ultraviolet UV radiation (<1%).
  • They shade the room, reducing blur and protecting from glare.
  • They catalyze energy savings for air conditioning.
  • They improve the indoor climate and therefore the comfort of staying in the room.
  • They allow seamless view from the smallest light to the highest, offering privacy without visual isolation.

Security Glass Films – Blast Resistant Films

For further protection against flying glass the company offers internal security window film with scratch resistant surface, total solar energy reflected over 88%, g-coefficient 0.83 and other unique safety characteristics.

They give the existing type of glass the necessary safety features that it originally misses, thus avoiding its replacement and all possible following additional costs.


  • They delay the spread of fire.
  • They comply with European standards EN 12600.
  • They release ultraviolet UV radiation.
  • They are compatible with any other type of membrane on the same surface.
  • They are available in colorless-transparent formulas, but also in sandblast or sunscreen type.