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HATCHTEC Marine Service is a hatches and deck machinery specialist providing solutions for service and spare parts on deck machinery, RoRo hatches, cranes/grabs and Winches/Windlass. The company armed with a strong team of expert technicians have extended service experience on the Deck Machinery field and can provide their customers with valuable services and spare parts.

With more than 100 ship owners and Marine companies as clients worldwide Hatchtec Marine is a valuable partner for Oceantech Shipping & Trading which allows to provide all Deck machinery services to the Greek Marine market and companies.

Big hatch on ship deck

Deck Machinery Services and Spare Parts

Oceantech through its partnership with Hatchtec Marine Ltd can provide your company with spare parts and services for:

A. Spare Parts

  • Hatch Covers (Hydraulics, Steel Fittings, Seal Arrangement, Bush/Bearings, Electric Motors, Lashing Bars and more).
  • Crane / Grab (Steel Fittings, Hydraulics and Electric Parts).
  • Winch / Windlass (Hydraulics, Bush/Bearings, Electric Parts, Brake Handles, Wire Ropes etc).
  • RoRo Machinery (Pumps, Motors, Valves, Filters, Bush/Bearings, Wire Ropes/Sheaves, Locking Pins, Brake Bands etc).

B. Services

  • Hatch Covers (Pre-docking Inspection, In Dock Supervision, General Troubleshooting, Design & Fabricating).
  • Deck Cranes (Pre-docking Inspection, Supervision during Docking, General Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance, Bolt Tightening, Overload Testing).
  • RoRo/Winches (General Inspection, Repair Supervision, Commisioning).
Crane/Grab onboard shipdeck

Hatchtec Authorized Agent in Greece

As of 2023 Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd is an authorized agent in Greece of Hatchtec Marine Solutions Ltd,  machinery, service operations, and spare parts

Feel free to contact us for more information about pricing and all other involved operations.

Tel: +30 213 0337678

Email: oceantech@ost.gr