Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd., believes in actions that effectively contribute in the prosperity of the society and the promotion of the greatness of the Hellenic Naval History.

Hellenic Navy Maintenance Support

Oceantech company, donated Ferryl Anticorrosive Products to the Greek Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof. The warship served as the flagship of the Hellenic Navy succesfully during the Balkan Wars, WW I, WW II. She is considered the only armored cruiser that has served in both World Wars in her original state.

Our company acting as an exclusive sales agent of Ferryl Products in Greece, supplied Ferryl 202 Standard Grease & Ferryl Ferrycid Rust remover in order to support the maintenance of this vital part of Greek History and Hellenic Navy legacy.

Both Ferryl and Oceantech were happy to contribute to this historical ship, giving the opportunity to visitors from all over the world to experience a battleship from the past that has played significant role in many major historical events.

Voluntary Forest & Fire Protection of the Municipality of Vari

Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd., continously supports the efforts of the volunteer forest fire fighters of Vari during the fire season of summer. Members of our company are fully enrolled to the staff of the Volunteer Department (General Secretary of Civil Protection – Ministry of Citizen Protection) and provide assistance whenever crisis arises.

Our company is always besides the needs of firefighters and volunteers to provide technical support and consultancy in order to execute effectively their work.

Posidonia 2018 Ship Design & Architecture Seminar

Oceantech Managing Director Anastasios Mylonas presented a seminar about a ship’s Design and Naval Architecture to young school students, during the inauguration ceremony of Posidonia Expo 2018. The aim of this seminar was to enlight and educate the young students about possible future studies and career in the Maritime Industry.

It is a core value of Oceantech company to offer educational knowledge and assistance to students and future prospects of the Shipping industry.

Humanitarian Aid to the People of Gaza

Cleantech's owned Jennifer cargo vessel is only the second ship worldwide that managed to reach the Gaza zone for humanitarian help.

Jennifer was carrying 282 pallets of foodstuffs totalling 237 tons. She also carried a wheeled crane which will be used to unload the aid. A makeshift dock has been constructed for the sole purpose of unloading this humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

You can read the full article in the link below:

Oceantech vessel Jennifer carries humanitarian aid to Gaza