Information About Potable Water Testing Services

High-quality drinking water is imperative to crew, passengers, and others aboard the vessel. Due to limited space on a ship's interiors, the drinking water source might be close to waste waters, scrubber waters, and heating sources so safety might be compromised. Also, the ship's plumbing system consists of numerous pipes carrying drinking water, seawater, sewage, and fuel. As a result, cross-contamination and backwashing are a real threat. Once legionella makes it to your ship, the right conditions can cause it to grow and spread.

According to WHO 2001 hundreds of  contagious diseases due to water contamination have been recorded in ships the last 50 years. These diseases seriously affect marine vessels with severe operational and financial consequences. Typhoid fever, legionnaires' disease, gastroenteritis, salmonella are only some of the diseases that have been reported. MOre specifically ships are

With such a high risk of contamination, maintaining the quality of water on board your vessel with regular testing is vital. By carrying out regular testing, you are able to identify small amounts of Legionella bacteria before they become too great a threat.

If you do not test regularly, you run the risk of widespread contamination, which may result in your water system, and therefore your entire vessel, being out of action while it is disinfected.

Oceantech Shipping & Trading along with our Eurofins Maritime Services partners, can give a definite answer about the microbiological and legionella content in drinking water by means of laboratory analysis.

Legal Framework

Each ship operator should provide managed vessels with guidance for drinking water supply, storage, distribution, and use, in accordance with the following applicable guidelines:

  1. International Health Regulations (IHR) of WHO
  2. European Union (EU), Drinking-Water Directive (DWD) 98/83/EC
  3. MLC 2006 (Standard A3.2-Food & Catering)
  4. World Health Organization (WHO), (Guide to Ship Sanitation, 3rd Edition, 2011 & Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality, 2008)

A water safety plan (stand-alone or part of catering safety plan) should be followed on board ship including procedures for purchasing, delivery, sampling, storage and distribution of drinking water on board.




Oceantech - Eurofins potable water services

Analysis Methods and Results Delivery Time

Eurofins uses accredited analysis methods according to NS-EN ISO norms. Therefore, we can offer your crew a self-sampling opportunity using our sampling kit and complete instructions for the procedures. The sample should be taken via continuous drip by using a fuel drip sampler.

Eurofins uses accredited analysis methods according to NS-EN ISO norms. Your results regarding the microbiological tests will be sent to you within 5 days. Accordingly, results regarding Legionella testing will be sent within 8 working days.

Containers Provided by Eurofins

For each analysis, you need to send us a sample container containing 1000 ml of material. Delivery of this kit is included and contains:
- Cubitainer
- Sample bottle
- Multiple duplicate bottles
- Seal
- Courier bag
- Shipping box

Flexible Logistics

Eurofins provides transportation of the samples. You can use the worldwide logistic network of Eurofins and send the samples from any port to our laboratory.

Why Choose Eurofins - Oceantech for Potable Water Testing

Oceantech Shipping and Trading Ltd along with Eurofins Eurofins Maritime Services are proud to introduce to our clients a complete list of innovative products for ballast water, drinking water, emissions, and fuel testing. Selected staff of Oceantech and Eurofins has been engaged in the aforementioned tests since 2007.

Our main objective is to form a collaboration with your esteemed company and provide high-quality laboratory and advisory services. Last, but not least, it is a great fulfillment for our company to contribute to global health and safety in the marine industry all over the world. Should you need further information about drinking water services don't hesitate to call us.

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