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Firetec is a marine fire safety company first established in Singapore in 2007. The company manufactures and provides fire safety equipment to the global marine market. Its services include designing and engineering various fire extinguishing systems with various extinguishing agents (CO2, clean agent, high-low expansion form, dry chemical powder, water, and others).

Firetec Products

Firetec designs, manufactures, and provides a great range of fire systems both for the offshore and marine industry. Regarding the fire extinguishing systems for vessels and marine applications, it provides the following products:

  • Fire Detection. This system is widely used in fire detection and alarm systems. Many different types of detectors can be used in a wide range of vessels from small ones to large passenger ships.
  • Deck Foam Fighting. This foam system is for fire protection of the main deck. The system's installation is provides foam to the entire cargo tank or deck area. The control station is suitably located outside of the cargo tank area. In this way, it is accessible for rapid operation in the event of a fire.
Firetec Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Fighting and Life-Saving. Fire fighting equipment encompasses fire extinguishers, fire hoses, landing valves, jet spray pipes, hose coupling, fire cabinets, and other safety equipment parts.
  • CO2 Fire. CO2 fire fighting is the most widespread fire extinguishing solution and also the one with the lowest cost. The released spray reduces the oxygen concentration for maximum fire extinguishing effects.
  • Low-Pressure Water Mist. Firetec's marine water mist system is a fixed-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system designed specifically for the protection of high-risk areas within cabins and other enclosed spaces onboard vessels.
  • Water Spray. Firetec's marine water sprinkler system is a reliable fixed-pressure sprinkler system tailored for marine environments, adept at safeguarding vessels against fire hazards, particularly in areas prone to high-risk scenarios such as engine rooms or cargo holds. The design calculations adhere to SOLAS Chapter II, NFPA 13 for Sprinkler System Installation, and relevant class rules and regulations.
  • Water Monitoring System. Fixed monitor systems onboard ships are meticulously engineered to meet stringent safety standards, adhering to SOLAS regulations and classification society requirements. These systems are strategically positioned to provide effective fire suppression in critical areas, such as engine rooms, cargo holds, and open deck spaces.
  • Dry Powder Chemical Fire. These systems efficiently combat fires by dispersing dry chemical agents, such as monoammonium phosphate or sodium bicarbonate, which rapidly smother flames and interrupt the combustion process. Also meeting the SOLAS safety standards.
Firetec fire safety monitor system

Firetec Authorized Exclusive Sales Agent in Greece & Cyprus

As of 2024, Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd is the authorized agent in Greece and Cyprus of Firetec Marine fire fighting products and, equipment.

If you would like more information about these systems please send us your inquiries via mail. We will prepare our quotation tailored to your vessel's needs as soon as possible. Also, contact us for more information about pricing and all other involved operations.

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