Vicmar Engineering washing systems for turbochargers

Vicmar Engineering is a Canadian company that manufactures a patented diesel engine turbocharger online washing system. The system addresses the challenges faced by turbocharged marine engines and air cooler fouling. Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ltd is an authorized principal of Vicmar services in Greece and Cyprus.

The Vicmar Online Washing System

The fouling of the turbochargers in the main ship engine results in a gradual deterioration of the engine's performance. Deposits accumulated in the engine's air coolers restrict the necessary airflow to the cylinders. This leads to:

  • Poor engine combustion
  • Increasing temperatures in the exhaust system
  • Increased fuel consumption, thus increased operating costs
  • High thermal stressing on the engine

The turbocharger manufacturer supplies the ship with its washing system. The engine manufacturer supplies the ship with the air cooler washing system. Unfortunately, there is a contradictory operation for these two systems. The washing system for the blower removes the deposits but transfers these deposits to the air cooler.

Vicmar has developed a solution by simultaneously washing the air side of the turbocharger and the air cooler as daily operation.

The key advantages of Vicmar washing system are:

  • Simultaneous washing both of the turbocharger and the air cooler system.
  • Specially designed cleaning injectors into the air cooler trunk, ensure effective water atomization over the entire surface of the air cooler.
  • The usage of hot water instead of chemicals helps increase combustion efficiency and decrease fuel consumption. The human error associated with chemical mixing is also eliminated.
  • The need for air cooler removal and cleaning during dry-dock is also eliminated, thus reducing the costs even more.
  •  The exhaust gas temperatures are lower along with the reduction of thermal stresses on engine parts.

The Vicmar Engine Washing System is also highly recommended for auxiliary vessel engines and generators. This happens because manufacturers do not provide a cleaning system for this kind of engines.

Why Choose Us for the Vicmar Engine Washing System

We are the official partners of Vicmar Engineering Ltd, our principal in ship engine performance improvement technology. Our principals' special cleaning system (patented as of Dec 01 2020) can reduce fuel consumption and protects the engine as well as the environment.

With more than 30 years of experience and more than 850 system installations, the Vicmar Engine Washing System is your solution in reducing exhaust gas temperatures, spare parts needs, and fuel consumption.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the Vicmar system and we will prepare a quotation for you as soon as possible.

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