Oceantech Donates Ferryl Lubricants to Historic Battleship G. Averof

We are proud to continue our historic collaboration with the Greek navy with the aim of preserving Greece's rich maritime heritage with a new Ferryl products donation. Oceantech donated top-quality Ferryl Anticorrosive lubricants to the legendary G. Averof warship.

G. Averof Battleship: Sailing Through History

The G. Averof warship is not just another Greek Navy ship. It's a floating monument that withstood the test of time and triumphantly evaded the horrors of not one but two World Wars. Thus it deservedly became a national symbol of courage, resilience, and marine prowess for all Greek people.

Armored cruiser Averof docked at Faliro

Origins and First Battles

The ship was built at the Orlando Shipyard in Livorno, Italy in part from a donation from George Averof. It first became operational at the beginning of the first Balkan war in 1912 and played a pivotal role in defeating the Turkish navy in the naval battles of Lemnos and Chios. In 1917 continued its operations in World War I always on the side of the Allies. After the negative implications in Asia Minor in 1922 G. Averof was again found in this region, this time to help transport the defeated Greek troops and the uprooted Greek population.

The WWII Adventure

With the start of World War II was again commanded to fight as the flagship of the Greek Navy fleet. After the occupation of Greece by the German army the warship nicknamed "Lucky Uncle George",  was secretly escaped to Bombay, India for repairs. Afterwards, it became active on the side of allies in the Indian Ocean, as an escort ship protecting convoys that sailed on this region. During WWII the ship also participated in port protection missions. Finally at the end of October 1944 the ship returned to Greece transporting the exiled Greek government and proudly anchoring in Faliro Bay.

G. Averof Battleship Restoration

The ship was decommissioned in 1952 and from 1957 to 1983 was anchored in the Poros navy camp. In 1984 after many years of abandonment, the Greek navy commissioned the ship's restoration. In essence, that was a new start in the battleships career. The ship was towed from Poros to Faliro bay, where the restoration work took place.

Today G. Averof is a floating Naval museum, proudly docked in Faliro Bay, for all generations of Greeks to visit and see a monument of the living Greek Naval history.


Oceantech and Ferryl executives standing alongside G. Averof captain in front of big canons
Standing in front of legendary warship G. Averof

Oceantech Shipping & Trading Ferryl Donation: Preserving History

As an official distributor for Ferryl Anticorrosive lubricants in Greece & Cyprus, Oceantech recognizes the importance of maintaining a historical treasure like the battleship G. Averof.  Our donation of high-performance Ferryl 202R lubricants ensures that this living relic can continue to stand proudly for generations to come. We are honored to play a part in preserving a symbol of Greece's maritime prowess.

Ferryl 25 kilo cans of lubricants on Averof repository

We are very proud of being a small part of this battleship's ongoing history and enduring legacy. Keep an eye on our blog for more updates on this extraordinary voyage.

If you wish to learn more about the history of G. Averof click here.

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