Oceantech Executives Visiting Euroports 2023 Expo in Rotterdam

Always trying to stay at the forefront of Marine Industry technologies Oceantech Shipping & Trading., demonstrated its commitment by participating in the Euroports 2023 Expo for the Maritime industry in Rotterdam.

Euroports Expo bi-annual event serves as a pivotal platform for the Maritime industry to converge, exchanging ideas, and products. As such the expo showcases the latest advancements in Marine technology. The exhibition gathers exhibitors and visitors who can engage in active networking, thus making a fantastic meeting point for marine industry specialists.

The expo typically features a wide range of maritime-related products, services, and solutions, including shipbuilding, propulsion systems, navigation equipment, safety and security technologies, and environmental solutions. Attendees can expect to explore cutting-edge developments, participate in seminars, and engage in networking opportunities aimed at fostering collaboration and driving progress in the maritime sector.


Oceantech executives dining with their Eurofins partners in Euroports 2023 Expo
Oceantech executives with our NautilusLog and Eurofins partners

Visiting the Euroports 2023 Expo was a wonderful experience and gave us the opportunity to meet both customers and esteemed partners from MAEM, Eurofins, and NautilusLog.

We look forward to visiting again Europort 2025 and Rotterdam in two year's time.

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