Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover for Rust Removal

Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover is an efficient and versatile rust remover with multiple applications related to rust treatment.

The product is especially designed for the removal of heavy rust and the sanitation of different types of surfaces. You can use it on ships, vessel living quarters, small boats, shipyards and offshore installations.

Main Applications: Rust Stains, Painted Surfaces, Heavy Rust, Wooden Decks, Limescale Removal



Ferryl Ferrycid Rust Remover in 25L plastic drum

Ferryl Ferrycid Product Information & Properties

Ferryl Ferrycid Rustremover is a high quality rust remover product that can cover multiple needs related to rust removal with efficiency and longevity. It is specially designed for marine environments and it is well suited for iron, steel, wood, ceramic, plastic, vinyl materials and painted surfaces.

Ferryl Rustremover converts rust to an inert white powder that is easily brushed away or rinsed off. It gives a protective base for painting and can prolong the lifetime of painted surfaces.

Its main uses are:

  • Removal of Heavy Rust and Rust Stains
  • Cleaning of Painted Surfaces and Wooden Decks
  • Cleaning of Sanitary Installations
  • General Protection

Rustremover Coverage Instructions

You can apply the Ferrycid Rustremover with a brush, rag, pouring, pressure wash or submersion. Prior to application, remove any oil or grease from the surface using a suitable degreaser. Also remove any loose rust using a steel brush.

The Ferryl Rustremover can be diluted with water depending the material in use and the amount of rust and it is expected to be biodegradable.

Ferryl Ferrycid is available in 25L plastic drums or 1L plastic bottles.

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