Water Testing Services – Legionella & Microbiological Analysis

Please be informed that OCEANTECH SHIPPING & TRADING together with our partner Eurofins Maritime Services, we are pleased to offer our services to Water Testing Services, in a wide range of applications in water analysis for all physical, chemical, and microbiological testing.

The plumbing aboard ships consists of numerous piping systems carrying potable water, seawater, sewage, and fuel, fitted into a relatively confined space, making cross-contamination and back siphonage a greater risk. As with loading and transferring, the potable water system on-board a vessel must be protected against backflow when connected to non-potable systems. If backflow preventers are defective, contaminants are able to enter the distribution system when negative pressure arises.
Once Legionella has made it onto your vessel, the right conditions can cause it to grow and spread

Potable Water
Microbiological and Legionella analyses

High-quality drinking water is imperative to crew, passengers, and other people aboard the vessel. Due to limited space onboard, the drinking water source might be close to wastewater and heat sources which can be hazardous.
Eurofins can give a definite answer about the
microbiological and legionella content in drinking water by means of analysis.

 Legal Framework
Eurofins is aware of the legislation vessel drinking water is subject to:
- WHO Ship Sanitation Certificate
- ILO Convention 178
- MLC 2006

Accredited Analysis Methods

Eurofins uses accredited analysis methods according to NS-EN ISO norms.

Ships are considered particularly high-risk environments for the growth of Legionella for a variety of reasons:

Once Legionella has made it onto your vessel, the right conditions can cause it to grow and spread.






Delivery Time Results

Your results for Microbiological will be sent to you within 5 working days, the results for Legionella within 8 working days.
Certificates will be in English. For more urgent requests, for example in case of increased values, you can contact your account manager for an appropriate advice.

Surveyor and self-sampling opportunities
Eurofins offers self-sampling by using a sampling kit, complete with instructions. The sample should be taken via continuous drip by using a fuel drip sampler.

Containers Provided by Eurofins
For each analysis, you need to send us a sample container containing 1000 ml of material. Delivery of this kit is included and contains:
- Cubitainer
- Sample bottle
- Multiple duplicate bottles
- Seal
- Courier bag
- Shipping box

Flexible logistics
Eurofins provides transportation of the samples. You can use the worldwide logistic network of Eurofins, and send the samples from any port to our laboratory.

Did you know?

A recent study conducted on Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks on vessels

revealed that Legionella was detectable in potable water systems on 58%

of 350 vessels in the study.” - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

We can offer professional sampling by a surveyor in the ARA Region, USA, Greece, and ports in Poland, Spain, and Singapore. 

With such a high risk of contamination, maintaining the quality of water on board your vessel with regular testing is vital. By carrying out regular testing, you are able to identify small amounts of Legionella bacteria before they become too great a threat.

If you do not test regularly you run the risk of widespread contamination, which may result in your water system, and therefore your entire vessel, being out of action while it is disinfected.

Person in Charge: George Panitsidis

Potable Water Testing