Purifiers and Separators for Ship Engines

Purifiers and Separators are critical components that keep vessels and their engines in good condition. In essence, these devices play a vital role in maintaining the reliability of a ship's engine under harsh sea conditions. They ensure that the engines of the ship function smoothly under all conditions for an extended period.

Principle of Operation

To achieve efficient combustion in marine engines, prime quality lubricating oil is necessary. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when dealing with heavy oil used in marine engines. Thus to clean this dirty fuel, oil is sent through purifying machinery before it reaches the engine. Purifier devices remove impurities and contaminants from the fluids ensuring the correct functioning of the ship's engines.

Purifiers and Separators operate on the principle of centrifugal force. They spin the oil or fuel at high speeds, forcing heavier particles and contaminants to the outer edges of the spinning chamber. Spinning velocities range from 7000 to 15000 rpm so the obtained centrifugal force is much stronger than the earth gravity. From there the impurities can be separated and removed easily via nozzles in the chamber. After that the cleaned oil goes back to the engine, improving combustion efficiency and reducing wear on the engine's components.

In general, the greater the difference in the specific gravities of the materials to be separated and the lower the viscosity of the liquid to be cleaned, the greater the separation of the liquid that is achieved.

For a more analytical presentation of Purifier / Separator operation, you can visit this link.

Types of Purifiers / Separators

Centrifugal separators can be divided:

  • Purifiers: The centrifuged liquid is separated from water and other solids
  • Clarifiers: The already purified water-free liquid is more thoroughly separated from fine foreign matter and sediments

In practice, the devices differ little from each other. Often the same device can work both ways depending on how it is set up.

There are also:

  • Fuel Oil Purifiers: These are responsible for cleaning the fuel oil used in the ship's engines. By removing water, solids, and other contaminants, they ensure a clean and consistent fuel supply. Clean fuel supply is vital for the efficient operation of the ship's main engines.
  • Lubricating Oil Purifiers: These devices maintain the quality of lubricating oil by removing particles, sludge, and water. Clean lubricating oil is essential for preventing engine wear and ensuring smooth operation, low fuel consumption and engine longevity.
Bilge purifiers by Alfa Laval company
Westfalia purifiers - clarifiers

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance of purifiers and separators is crucial for effective performance. Regular inspections, cleaning, and replacement of worn parts with quality spares, are necessary to keep these devices operating optimally.

Efficient performance from purifiers results in clean and pure engine fluids. Separators/Purifiers thus in turn contribute to the longevity of the engine, reducing operational costs and, enhancing overall efficiency.

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